Experience intimacy with God like never before in this 8-week Bible study on God's attributes

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Renew, Refresh, & Restore Your Faith

God's Heart, My Harbor brings real life and raw faith together in a deep dive into God’s heart that will recharge your faith. Expect to discover answers to questions like, “Why isn’t my faith helping me?” and “Where is God in my storm?”

Join me for an 8-week journey into God’s heart and experience greater peace and confidence in His love for you than ever before.

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Are you longing for deeper faith and a transformed walk with God? Do you feel like your relationship with God is drifting? Then journey with me into the heart of God as we anchor our lives in His.

Let him who boasts boast about this; that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight.

Jeremiah 9:24

Connecting with God How I Can Help You

For over twenty years, God has used my desperate need of Him as a wife, mom, and ministry leader to immerse me in His attributes. Along the way, God has led me to a life changing discovery: there is a powerful intersection between His heart and our struggles. That seeking to know God's whole heart and mind — not just the familiar, comfortable parts — is often the missing link between the intimacy we desire with God and the intimacy we actually experience with Him.

Pursuing God through prayerful contemplation of His attributes has led me into the deep with God. It has transformed my daily experience of His power and presence in my life.

It can transform your relationship with Him, too.

What I offer is experience and companionship for your faith journey. I've spent thirty years in the trenches with God grappling with the mystery of His sovereignty and love, His grace and wrath, while praising Him, proving His faithfulness — and yes, wrestling with Him, as well. My relationship with God isn't perfect. Far from it. It's not without struggle and unanswered questions, either. But it is intimate, vibrant and growing. It is full of soul-satisfying hope in the heart of an unchanging God who is an Anchor in our troubled times.

But I am only scratching the surface of what is available to YOU. When you seek to know God through His marvelous, mysterious, faith-inspiring attributes, you too can discover the intimacy with God you've always wanted!


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Discover the transformational intersection between God's heart and your struggles.

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Peace for Every Season

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way." II Thessalonians 3:16

Bethany, thank you , thank you, for reminding me today — I am OK — just the way God created me. I asked God for a word today and every word you spoke touched my very soul.

~ Sandy, Retreat Participant

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Bethany's rich insights and personal examples make women of all ages hang on to every word and say, “I’m so glad I came.” Jan Coleman, Author and Speaker
Jan Coleman
Bethany has a gentle, soft way about her and her sense of humor and real life applications allowed our women to connect with her in a very sweet way.  Nancy Kerler, Women's Director

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I have been writing about God's attributes ("God's Heart") for over fifteen years and love sharing fresh discoveries with you. Every week, I share insights, tips, and encouragement to take us deeper in our walk with God.

The insightful comments of those who have joined me on this journey add a rich dimension as we learn from one another.  If you want to join the conversation and take your faith to the next level, enter your email below.

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