4 Steps to Discovering God's Will

This is a repost that I pray helps us begin this new season on the right track.

Sometimes don’t you wish God’s voice would boom from a burning bush to tell you exactly what to do when you need direction? Or maybe if He would just lower a scroll with His plans for our life spelled out in bullet points . . .

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Well, there’s good news: God still speaksHe cares about you and the choices you face.

And He wants you to know His will.

God wants you to know His will because He wants you to know Him. [Tweet “God wants you to know His will because He wants you to know Him. “] God is personal, intimate. He pulls us close so we can know Him. He calls us to obey His Word so we can hear His voice and recognize which way to go.

God is not a tease and He poses no trick questions. He simply opens the door for us to seek Him . . . and in doing so, we will find the guidance we need.

Here are four simple steps to help us along the way:

  1. Pray about it.  Yes, I know, the “canned” answer, but do we keep praying until we receive an answer? God is not a machine that spits out a response when the right button is pushed. [Tweet “God is not a machine that spits out a response when the right button is pushed.”] Pray expecting God to personally guide you – He delights in it! — and don’t make any move until He provides direction. Waiting on God is hard, but so worth it.

  2. Search Scripture. Evaluate your decision in light of Biblical principles. Does it violate any principles in God’s Word? Does it lead you to compromise godly standards? A friend once told me that she had prayed about her difficult marriage and found “God’s answer” — dating another man. Her conclusion violated what Scripture teaches about faithfulness in marriage. If what you think God is leading you to do violates any tenet of Scripture, it isn’t God’s guidance, for He never contradicts His Word.

  3. Listen for God’s voice As you read Scripture, stay alert to the Holy Spirit speaking through it. Avoid the temptation of opening your Bible and shutting your eyes as you plunk hopeful fingers down on a random verse for guidance. Instead, remain in the passage of Scripture you are already reading and expect the Holy Spirit to speak through it — He will!

  4. Seek counsel. Talk about your options with your pastor and a few other mature believers. Compare their input with what Scripture teaches. Carefully consider all feedback —including the unexpected and the unwelcome — and pray over it. I have often found great things waiting behind some pretty unlikely doors.

God invites us to seek His guidance and He’s provided everything we need to find it: Prayer, Scripture, His Holy Spirit, and godly counsel. But first we must walk with God Himself.

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Discovering God’s will isn’t as much about figuring out what God wants us to do, as it is about walking with Him. When we are in step with His Spirit, we will be in sync with His plan. [Tweet “When we’re in step with God’s Spirit, we’ll be in sync with His plan.”]

When faced with a tough decision, what has helped you discover God’s will?

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    1. It isn’t easy to wait for God’s answer, well I know. But when we do wait..what joy He has prepared for us! Hang in there!

  1. Well said, simple, and succinct. I like things that are this straightforward. Prayer is always and forever the first key!

  2. Bethany, Thanks for presenting these excellent reminders and steps to walk in God’s way & will! God Bless, luke

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