MY HEART What brought me here?

I love God.

I know, it’s simple, but it’s why I’m curled here in my recliner, Macbook keys tapping like raindrops in a sudden storm. Thirty years of pursuing God and twenty searching for words to frame the experience have brought me to this cyber speck of real estate to share His heart with you.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Do you long for a heart to heart connection with God in the middle of your joy, your mess or storm? Then you are in the right place, for nothing is more powerful than a holy God’s love for imperfect people like me and you, His arms stretched out in surrender and sacrifice.

In welcome.

God invites honest questions, so it’s my prayer that you’ll find a safe space here to wrestle with deep questions, confusion, or pain; but it’s also a joyous place to celebrate the goodness of a God who calls each of us by name. So expect to go deep. To laugh. To cry. Expect to discover the heart of a faithful Savior who loves, forgives, and offers soul anchoring hope to anyone hungry enough to reach out and receive it.

That’s what this site is about. What I am about:

Knowing God.

And sharing Him with you.

If you decide to join me in this quest, then two to three times a week you will receive a post or devotional, and an encouraging graphic to help you connect with God and grow strong and deep in your walk with Him.

Are You Ready To Go Deeper with God?

MY BIO A bit about me

I'm a wife, mom, and ministry leader trying to fight the good fight and stay in the ring for Jesus. I have two kids, a passel of puggies, and God's call to speak and write

As for writing: I've written Bible studies for churches and articles for various online outlets including,, Christianity Today’s online resource for women and Focus on the Family. I'm also a regular contributor at where I aspire to encourage leaders.

At the moment, I'm working on my Bible study, God's Heart: My Harbor and a devotional on God's attributes to connect us heart-to-heart with God.

As for ministry: 20 years of ministry training and experience leading, speaking, teaching -- in the trenches stuff --  including Women's Director training at LifeWay in Nashville, Tennessee. I am presently working as a Pastoral Support Specialist at K-Love and Air1 Radio Station.

When I'm not hunched over my keyboard, I'm sharing God's heart through teaching, speaking events, and leadership workshops. (For a formal bio click here.)

Professional Life

  • Speaking and Teaching

    I'm passionate about helping you connect intimately with God's heart so you can get traction in your spiritual life. I love sharing the full, rich picture God paints of Himself in scripture to take us deeper than we thought possible in our walk with Him. And the privilege of meeting you face to face to hear your stories is such an inspiration and encouragement.

  • Writing

    I love writing in all its delightful forms. It's my privilege to blog and to write articles and stories that reveal His holy, sovereign, redemptive, and fun-loving heart, (yes, they go together!). Sometimes I write for publication and sometimes just for fun--but always for God's glory.

  • Leadership Development

    I love working with leaders. I especially love working in the area of spiritual development to draw out passionate and effective service. To inspire, encourage, and equip my fellow leaders to step out in faith to be the world changers God created them to be, thrills me to the tips of my toes!

ImageInspire Writer's Book SIgning"Teaching To Transform" Workshop

Personal Life

The Catch of a Lifetime and I have been married for twenty seven years and have two beautiful and brilliant (what else would they be?) kids who love us as much as we love them. "Macklin, party of four" — we are blessed. 

A few of my favorite things: thrift store shopping, oil painting with my mom, hiking, camping and everything outdoors. 

My all-time favorite: slouched in a camp chair with a good book on a secluded river bank while my kids turn over rocks and my husband fishes nearby.


Puggy Life

I have three little puglets who are engagingly represented and who — of course — demanded their own little piece of real estate on this page.

Because they're just that cute, I wrote a children's picture book, "Bear's New Home," which garnered an Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition. Woo hoo!


Encouragement in Your Inbox

I have been writing about God's attributes ("God's Heart") for over fifteen years and love sharing fresh discoveries with you. Every week, I share insights, tips, and encouragement to take us deeper in our walk with God.
The insightful comments of those who have joined me on this journey add a rich dimension as we learn from one another.  If you want to join the conversation and take your faith to the next level, enter your email below.

Anchored in God's Heart