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Be Strong and Courageous

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy. 31:6


Deism presents a cold, distant God who created the world, set it in motion, then turned away from it. But God’s own Word and the long history of Christian experience paints a warmer picture.

Sure, God could have chosen to create us and leave us — but He didn’t. He could’ve leaned over and hollered from His heavenly throne. But He didn’t. God stepped down and wrapped Himself in flesh to walk beside us. He breathed His Spirit into our hearts so He could dwell within us. And like a faithful friend, He sticks with us in the face of our enemies to stir our courage and strength.

So cast aside your fear, God won’t leave you to press through alone; it’s simply not in His nature. Instead, take heart! Be strong and courageous. Wherever God has led you, He will stand with you.

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And He will fight for you every step of the way.


Lord, I praise You as the God who cares about the those You call Your own. Thank You for walking with me through every valley, for beating back my enemies when I lack the strength to fight. Thank You for sticking close to me up steep mountain ranges, For rejoicing with me, hands clasped and arms raised as we crest each hilltop. Today, help me to be strong and courageous knowing that You walk beside me as a powerful Warrior and a fearless, faithful Friend.


What about you? In what area of your life is God calling you to be strong and courageous today? 


For further reflection and encouragement: Deuteronomy 20:4, Psalm 145:18 Hebrews 13:6, Micah 7:7, Psalm 16:8


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  1. Thank you Bethany for painting such a graphic reminder that our God doesn’t want us shrinking away in fear of Him, but joyously running towards Him with the assurance that He IS who He says He is and that He can and will DO what He says He will.
    “I know how to care for those who belong to Me.” -Jesus of Nazareth
    We are His and He is GOD; it doesn’t get any better than that, folks!

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