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Today I’m thrilled to welcome life coach, psychotherapist, and blogger Laura Frederick as my guest. Laura is an engaging communicator I met during a workshop at Western Seminary. I know you will love her authentic voice and the inspiring peek she provides into beginning a new year in a REST-ful way. Enjoy!


choose REST



January is a peculiar month because it combines the fresh energy of new beginnings with a deep, underlying weariness from holiday busyness.  The fresh energy always tempts me to pick up twelve new projects or make multiple resolutions.

Can you relate?

Have you ever wondered why our New Year’s resolutions fizzle out so quickly?

I think there’s a direct connection to the fact that Western culture has forgotten how to – REST.


Tim Keller wrote an excellent article for Q titled: Wisdom and Sabbath Rest.  In it, he discusses our innate need for soul-level (Sabbath) rest.  And that simply turning ‘off’ work or turning ‘on’ leisure will not quench it.

Practicing rest takes intentionality and discipline.  Practicing rest takes intentionality and discipline. Share on X Keller outlines the following internal disciplines:

  • Rest is an act of liberation [I’m not defined by my work/ministry/commitments]
  • Rest is an act of trust [I’m not the one who keeps the world running]

And pairs them with external practices:

  • Build more Sabbath time into your schedule
  • Balance the ways in which you partake in Sabbath time, and make a point to include contemplation [the process of reminding yourself of the story of who you are]
  • Be accountable for Sabbath time

Friends, I’ve read this article and listened to the related podcast (Work and Rest) a dozen times.  Honestly, I’ll probably review it a dozen more. It’s taking that long for my project-driven mind to soak up the truth of what my soul really needs – REST.

I feel an urgency to saturate these concepts in January because, as I look forward to this new year, I want to engage with the year in a new way.

Too often my primary focus is goals and activities.  I think this is probably true for most of us.


This year I want to use the tools Keller outlined to anchor my heart with the story of who I am.

Will you join me?

It seems fitting to begin by reminding ourselves of the story of who we are. Here are a few of my favorite identity statements:

  • We are free. (Redeemed by Christ. No longer bound to the slavery of self-absorption.)
  • We are enough. (We don’t have to prove ourselves worthy – ever!)
  • We are royalty. (Sons and daughters of the Most High King. Sisters and brothers to one another.)
  • We are chosen. (He chose us before the dawn of time. Our lives have purpose and meaning.)

Please take a moment to comment on your own. Let’s hold each other accountable as we engage with 2016 in a new way.



Choose REST


As a speaker, professor, psychotherapist, and life coach, Laura Frederick is passionate about helping people thrive emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Her children, husband of fifteen years, and ‘extra’ kids from sports and school fill her home (and heart) to the brim. Running to worship and sermons, deep conversations with friends, and thrift store shopping keeps her in balance. You can subscribe to her blog at and follow her speaking ministry at

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    1. Sticking to it is pretty hard too, but so very worth the sanity and peaceful perspective God brings through true rest. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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