Don't Ditch Your Dream

What is crazier than trying to achieve a dream in 30 days? Fasting while you do. Since issuing my 30 day “Dare to Dream” challenge, a lot has happened. I wonder if it has for you, too.

Seeing how my dream (a devotional on God’s heart) is holy ground, I decided to approach it with an extra measure of consecration.  And since I couldn’t remove my shoes to honor this holy ground, (remember I’m wearing a medical boot, compliments of my pernicious pug), I began a fast.

Since the first day of this journey, I’ve been fasting from all “artificial stimulants.” That means no energy drinks, supplements, or caffeine, which means no coffee. Coffee! You’d have to know me to realize what a killer that is. Nevertheless, God called me to this fast so He alone could fuel the “energy” to complete this project. To further push my mettle, He called me to wake up early to meet with Him for an extended time, as well. Now, for this insomniac, still recovering from a three year stint with some serious health issues, that’s a real challenge. It’s almost too much.

But God . . .

Possible Not Impossible

While the first couple weeks were, I admit, pretty rough with caffeine withdrawal triggered migraines and challenging circumstances, I have to say God’s been faithful to hold up His part of the bargain. Each day, He’s provided the “fuel” I’ve needed to swing my legs out of bed at O-Dark-Thirty and string together caffeine free thoughts–articulate ones. And He even keeps me alert and good humored–ish–for my family responsibilities.


But it isn’t easy to stick with a dream is it? In fact, for me it’s been a knock-down-drag-out at times. Like trying to focus with a family of Flickers hammering on all sides of our house every waking moment. Add a complication from my injured foot that requires wrapping and unwrapping it every time I get up or down–a huge time sucker. Or like trying to write with my foot wrapped, iced, and propped up, papers and books strewn on the floor about me–translation: writing on my back, open Bible balanced on one leg,  laptop on the other, the battery inevitably going dead the moment I get situated. Or like when the Flickers descend in a round-house assault, just as I gain momentum . . .

Don't Ditch Your Dream

I’d swear the stars in their courses are striving against a single sliver of peace and quiet to slip into the “zone” so I can write fast and reach my goal.

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you ever reached for a dream and gotten your fingers chewed off in the process?

Well, no one said it would be easy. But oh, how it will be worth it!

So here we are, knee deep in our 30 day challenge to fulfill a dream. As for me, I’m going to fight to finish strong–despite a slow start and a passel of challenges pulling me down like gravity boots. I know it’s going to take a lot work to finish before the midnight bell tolls on November 30. But I’m committed to forge ahead fueled by God’s power and God’s promises.

I’m not going to ditch my dream.

How about you? 




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  1. Sounds like too much. But I have found that when we are at the too much stage that is when God can use us the most. I think that is how I kept teaching and writing Bible Studies when I was back at SCBBC. I was in way over my head and could barely see light above the water. God took over and guided my heart, mind and voice to speak His Words, not mine and of course that is what He wanted – an open channel. Praying for you. I am back having a cup of coffee here and there since much of my acid reflux was resolved by going totally of milk products and you should see the joy in mudsville when He provides me with another lactose free product that doesn’t taste like slime. Yay for God, He is on the throne and enjoys giving kids what they need and even what they want sometimes. Miss you, we must get together. Love to you and your family and a Happy Thanksgiving Harriet

    1. And He was faithful–as usual! Praising Him. 🙂

  2. Good job, Bethany. I know you can do it…and yes, I believe God called you to do it for all the “right” reasons. ; ) Love you, my friend.

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  3. Thanks, Bethany, for your honest appraisal of this difficult month. Gives me hope that I am not alone in my struggles to accomplish this month’s commitments. My daughter sends me quotes to feed my courage. Here is one after I was complaining that everything I wrote would have to be tossed. “It doesn’t matter if you write garbage, so long as you edit beautifully.”
    God is our editor and I know he is pouring words into you just as fast as he is pouring them into me. Blessings, my fellow writer.

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  4. Thanks for the visuals! I feel like I’m there with you…and your ability to stay on task with a limp and without caffeine amazes me. Inspires me. Exceeds my ability to pursue more than getting through each 24 hour period.

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