Feeling Forgotten?

Feeling Forgotten

Are you feeling forgotten?

I have a plum tree behind my garage. Most of the time I forget it’s even there. Yet, somehow, it always produces an abundance of fruit even though I only water it a couple times a summer—when I remember it. The rest of the time it goes through all its seasonal cycles in obscurity, unnoticed and unappreciated by anyone.

Until now.

We recently remodeled our garage and turned it into a family room with two small offices.  One of the offices is mine and the view from my office window is the forgotten plum tree.

Feeling Forgotten?

A month ago, masses of small white flowers covered it heralding the approach of spring. As the days passed, I enjoyed watching their tiny petals free themselves to float through the air, like a gentle snowfall complete with a soft white carpet covering the ground.

I have marveled at what a beautiful tree it is!  Even now, I sit admiring it, praising God for its graceful beauty.

And I wonder how many of us are like that plum tree; rooted in some obscure place, seemingly unnoticed and unappreciated.

Year after year we pass through the seasons and cycles of life waiting for the opportunity to share our flowers and fruit–waiting for someone to open a window, look out, and see us.

Feeling Forgotten?

What an encouragement it is to know that God always sees us and is ever working to produce a bounty of fruit in our lives. And at just the right time, He’s going to open that window. And He’s going to use the beauty of our cultivated fruit and flowers to draw seekers to Himself.

What encourages you in the “obscure” seasons of your life?

Photos are mine.

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  1. Having read through your writings and the comments attached, i fear I will expose my lack of finesse in writing. However, I just wanted to comment on the plum tree; I realized as I was looking at the pictures you posted of that pretty plum tree exactly which tree it was, I immediately burst into tears! Not only from the loss of that view and all that it signifies, but mostly the realization of how amidst such turmoil I see how my sister is faithful, obedient, and even peaceful in times of loss and what an inspiration you are to me! I don’t say it enough but I love you and honor you for your strength, your faith, and so much more!
    Love, Cambria

    1. Cambria, you made me laugh–and cry–at the same time. Bless your heart. I have only two words: HOW SWEET! Aren’t you glad God IS all He says He is? I sure am! Would any of us make it, if it were not so? I love you, too, and admire your cheerful disposition and persistent faith amidst your own passle of problems in this chaotic world!

  2. This truly was beautiful. There have definitely been times, especially a certain 9 months, when I felt forgotten or dwindling even. I, too, love the name “El Roi” and was praying that name of God this morning. Blessings on you as you continue to strive, thrive, and write.

  3. Bethany, Thanks always for sharing. Romans 8:31-39 immediately was called to mind. The last two sentences you wrote is a seamless continuation of the closing of Chapter 8 in Romans–inspiring and uplifting. Praise God–He is always present and with us.

    1. God sees and acts…and is never separated from us, whether it be by a wall or window. Thanks for making that great connection for us. 🙂

  4. That was very beautiful and refreshing. Love and Peace in Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our almighty God.

  5. Thank you for this, Bethany.
    During the times you’ve described, I am encouraged by remembering God’s name: El Roi – The God Who Sees Me. Just as Hagar learned in Genesis that God saw and knew everything about her, so I am comforted by the truth you’ve so beautifully noted: that although I may be rooted in obscurity from man’s perspective, God always sees me!

    1. I love how you used God’s name, El Roi, to highlight both the beauty of His heart and the comfort it supplies. What a profound privilege to love and serve a God who sees–and cares–about each one of us! Thanks so much for sharing.

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