Finding God's Will: The Path of No Regrets


Have you ever wondered if you have made the right decision?


Yes Or No on a scale

Recently, my son, Hayden, had to make a decision about which college to attend. He’d been accepted into both of his choices and either school was a solid win. As he considered both colleges, Hayden wanted to attend the one God had planned for him. One school seemed the logical choice: more affordable, closer to home, and in a beautiful location. The other school had already bestowed several prestigious honors on Hayden, but was very expensive. However, my husband and I have taught our kids to expect great things from a powerful God and so both schools were in the running.

And they were neck and neck.

Hayden sought hard for God’s will in the matter. He talked to me and his dad, seeking our counsel. He met with high school counselors and professionals in his field of study. He carefully researched both schools and weighed the pros and cons of each. He prayed. He read volumes of Scripture. Every tactic my son employed was wise and sound, but he still didn’t have a clue which way God wanted him to go. The deadline to make a choice loomed and we started to get nervous. Finally God spoke to him, “Wait.”

Our family was stumped.

Hayden was almost out of time and colleges don’t “wait.” But Hayden waited. And he continued to pray and seek God’s direction in Scripture. Then, on the last day to make a binding decision, at the latest hour–the final moment–he received direction and made his choice.

And we all knew it was the right choice because:

  • God’s voice spoke to him through Scripture

  • God’s fingerprints were all over the circumstances

  • God’s peace filled our hearts


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So Hayden’s never going to have to worry that he missed an opportunity by turning down the expensive school with all the honors. He’s never going to have to wonder if he made the right choice. He’s going to be able to strike out on the path before him with confidence knowing it’s God’s plan, God’s path.

A path of no regrets.


What about you? What decision are you facing? What helps you to know God’s will?



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  1. Praise God for Hayden’s maturity in being patient and trusting to wait. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I hate waiting. But it is the only way to get God’s answer and not our own manipulated one. I’m sure it blessed your socks off to see him respond well to this test.

    1. Yes, it did “bless our socks off”! Right off our feet! 🙂 We are trying to prepare him to lead in his own home some day and God is faithful to provide “training/learning opportunities” for all of us. 🙂 God is faithful and I am SO grateful!

  2. Hayden – God always speaks to me thru Scripture too. I encourage others to look there for their answers to life’s choices. I never wonder whether or not I made the right choice when I follow my own advice and keep seeking the answer in Scripture. And good move to wait until you get it. God will come thru but He likes to see us waiting and trusting in Him to come thru. Where did you decide to go? Or is that another of mom’s blogs? Love and prayers for you – Harriet Vincent

    1. He is going to Cal Poly as an aerospace engineer. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement for him!

  3. This is one of those “stones” that “needs” to be remembered and discussed over and over. Some day the enemy may throw doubt Hayden’s way but he can go back and remember that this was the way God led him. Isaiah 30:21 God bless you and hubby for teaching your children the way to walk and the God in whom to trust.

    1. Yes, it is. Hayden’s very own “Ebenezer.” 🙂 A great reminder–thanks!

  4. Sounds like Hayden has watched his mom do the same, my friend! So sweet to see our “adult” kids pursuing God and finding Him present and faithful for themselves. The fruit of godly parenting and a God who is immense. Rejoicing for him and you.

    1. Thanks, Peg. As I read your comment I thought, “SHE should write.” You have a wonderful way with words…both spoken and written. 🙂

  5. Bethany, Wonderful post! As you note, when you have peace you know you are on the right path in God’s will. Peace does not necessarily mean there are no more obstacles, but that you are in God’s hands, abiding in Him, yielding to and trusting in His will. In His will we experience what Jesus reminded us, that God is the God of all comfort! 🙂 Happy for Hayden! God Bless, luke

    1. You said, “Peace does not necessarily mean there are no more obstacles, but that you are in God’s hands, abiding in Him, yielding to and trusting in His will.” Amen! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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