God's Faithfulness Has Many Faces

“Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.” Psalm 36:5



Have you ever noticed how often God’s faithfulness comes to us in the form of people?

It speaks in the friendly voice on the other end of the line. It texts an encouraging message to our cell phone. It pulls into our driveway in a familiar, quirky car.

It comes in flesh and blood, in real time.

Recently, I was in need of encouragement from God. As I read this Psalm, I asked Him to reveal a few recent, tangible examples of His faithfulness to me.

So I started a list.

In it, I carefully framed each incident of God’s faithfulness with the circumstances predicating the need for help. I recounted specific ways He had been faithful each time. Being an alone-in-my-office-with-God junkie, I received a bit of a jolt when I realized that God’s faithfulness had often met me through people. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but somehow it was–a big one.

I went down the list.

The first item described my struggle with inadequacy in the face of a task God had given me. In this case, His faithfulness arrived in a box, wrapped, ribboned, and labeled, “corporate prayer.” I have a precious group of prayer warriors who pray for my writing life, the projects, obstacles, struggles, and such. Without their support…

In the second scene, weariness and discouragement over an ongoing illness threatened to sap my strength. This time God’s faithfulness knocked on my front door to share a cup of tea, a listening ear, and an opportunity to talk and regain perspective.

Then there was a sudden job loss that short circuited my careful financial planning to attend a key conference for my writing ministry. But it was no match for God’s faithfulness. Once again, His love and faithfulness charged to the rescue, this time to replenish the conference tuition through an unexpected source–a human source.

All three times, God’s faithfulness came to me through people–God’s people.

So I wonder. I wonder how many times we miss God’s faithfulness because it isn’t what we expect. And how many times do we search in obscure places for God’s faithful help when it’s standing right in front of us?

Perhaps you too, are searching for evidence of God’s faithfulness today. Don’t miss it like I almost did. Look around and you just may discover it sitting next to you, wearing blue jeans and a familiar smile.

How has God used people in your life to demonstrate His faithfulness to you? Will you share your own story to encourage someone today?

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  1. Bethany – Again, God has met me in your words! Thanks for turning my eyes upward and directing my heart to follow. Miss you.

  2. I can relate, Jackie. I most often look for/see God’s faithfulness in Scripture, so this was a wake up call. God’s message to me, especially the last couple years of illness, has been, “You need others!” (Or, my paraphrase, “You need help!” Which, of course, I already knew! 😉 )

  3. Great reminder…so true!! Gave me a needed “perspective tweaking”!

    1. Thanks, Liz. 🙂 I, too, could benefit from a real change of perspective!

  4. God’s faithfulness has come to me through His word, people and others books…I love books! people’s thoughts inspire and move me forward…the trip is sometimes short but the road getting there is usually filled with adventure…you are right we have to keep our eyes open and focused on how God is showing His faithfulness loud and clear!

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