How Much Hope Does Your Jesus Offer?

Doesn’t it seem that every time you turn on the TV some catastrophe or another writhes across the screen?

“Bangladesh: Cheap clothes lead to danger and tragedy”¹

“Southwest Florida children sold as sex slaves”²

“Loss of firefighters in Arizona blaze ‘unbearable,’ governor says”³

Tragedy gives way to heartbreak. Pain washes across the TV screen and spills into our hearts, leaving us heavy.

And with each new wave of “breaking news” we groan for the relief and redemption* that Jesus will bring when He returns to:

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure . . . ” Hebrews 6:19

Who is this Jesus?

Jesus Christ, God’s divine, eternal Son.* The One to whom “every knee will bow and every tongue confess” as Lord over all His creation. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords* who reigns over every element, every power, every potentate.

Jesus, the Holy One who sacrificed Himself to bear the guilt of our sin and cleanse us from it.* The Messiah who placed Himself in the path of God’s wrath so we wouldn’t be swept away by the fury of it. The only One able to provide forgiveness* of sin and peace with God. 

Jesus Christ on the cross

Photo by Gianna B on Unsplash

Jesus endured it all so we could climb into His Father’s lap, look Him in the eye, and rest in His arms. Jesus suffered so that we could know His Father, even as He does. And He’s alive and interceding for His people in heaven today.

This is the Jesus for whom we wait.

The only Jesus with the power to save, the authority to judge, and the wisdom to reign.

Because of this Jesus we have joy in the midst of pain because He’s returning for His bride (that’s you and me). And it might even be today!

Because of this Jesus we have confidence to hope for a future of peace and security.

Because of this Jesus, we have an anchor for our soul, an eternal hope that suffering can’t swallow, flames can’t consume, and tragedy can’t trump.

Because of Jesus.

This Jesus.

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  1. Loved, loved, loved it! I agree…my favorite line of several favorites is “it might even be today”. I also loved the reminder that He is my joy, confidence, and anchor! Thanks, Bethany. Great as usual!

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  2. Bethany, Encouraging, inspiring and uplifting message! My hope is in “this Jesus.” Despite the distractions the world offers, Jesus is All we truly need. God Bless, luke

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  3. Great, inspirational writing, but my favorite line in this article…”it might even be today!” We need to remember that when “the going gets tough”….the tough and the weak can lean hard on this promise from Heb. 6:19. HOPE is not wishful thinking, it’s real and we can be anchored by it even in a storm!!! Thanks for the reminder Bethany!

    1. Yes, and “Jesus could come back tomorrow and none of this will matter” is a familiar refrain in this house! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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