If God Is Faithful…

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Psalm 33:4 “For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in allhe does.” (Emphasis mine)

It is difficult to watch someone suffer.

When we see others struggling we want to help them. We may say, “The Lord is faithful! He will take care of you. Everything will turn out alright.” Or if we hope to sound “spiritual” (or have no idea what to say), we may offer, “It’s in God’s hands…”

But when the spectre of suffering knocks at our own door–and keeps knocking–we may discover that answers heavy on “knowledge,” but light on understanding, simply don’t satisfy–or help.

Let’s be honest; God’s faithfulness can be hard to see and even tougher to reconcile with deep, painful circumstances. For me, sometimes it’s a serious stretch of faith to believe that God is faithful in what He does (or doesn’t do), in my life. That He sees. That He cares. That He’s moving in the silent chasm of my “unanswered” prayers.

But it’s true.

Praise God, it’s true! So let’s embrace this truth, abandon our fear and watch for evidence of God’s touch in those tender areas of struggle.

Our fear says, “God isn’t listening to my prayers and doesn’t care about my suffering.”

Our God says, “Lean in closer and you’ll see My fingerprints all over your circumstances today.


A Prayer: Lord, I have sought Your help, submitted to Your plan and tried to follow You through sorrow, as well as joy. But today I grow faint as I struggle on and on, trapped in this web of pain.

I don’t understand.

Sometimes I just want to give in to discouragement, to anger, to despair. But Your Word tells me that You hear my prayers, care deeply about me and are faithful in all You do–in all You allow into my life.  Even in this.

So I choose again to trust You, and I will keep praying, keep hoping, keep looking for Your fingerprints of faithfulness in my life. Please give me the eyes of faith to recognize and rejoice in them, so I may receive strength from Your faithful touch today. Amen.

Where have you seen evidence of God’s faithful fingerprints in an ongoing challenge you face? Will you share your story to encourage someone who’s struggling today?

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