Finding God’s Will for Ministry

Few things challenge me more than waiting in faith for God’s clear direction while a dozen of my own ideas beg pursuit. How very difficult it is to wait for anything in our “get it now” nano-second society! Especially when we know exactly what we want to do and possess all the tools needed to accomplish it. And yet, our personal, intimate God promises to supply clear, customized guidance to meet our particular need when we ask for it — and are willing to wait to receive it.

So I continue to wait, pray and scour scripture poised for His bugle call to lead me out, up and into His plan for the ministry with which He’s entrusted me. And amidst all the praying, pondering, weighing the merits of this project over that one, I’ve had an epiphany of sorts: if the needs of those to whom I seek to minister aren’t pressing heavily upon my heart, did my “inspired idea” spring from God’s mind or my own?

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