Time: The One Ring That Rules Them All

The week ahead shimmered with possibility.

I woke up Monday morning, on point to hit the pavement running on an exciting ministry project.

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With only a few appointments on my weekly calendar, there would be several solid mornings with little to interrupt the creative flow I anticipated. I had risen early, finished my walk, and I felt good–ready to begin the day.

Rinsing my cup in the sink, I thought through my agenda. Finish the housework, balance the checkbook, and then roll up my sleeves and dive into my project.

As I dropped a soap tab into the dishwasher and closed the door, a face rose in my mind’s eye. It was a familar face, a dear face, one with whom I had promised to spend time that week. I leaned against the counter, my thoughts skittering back over my day planner. Whoops! That’s only going to leave a couple mornings to work on my project…

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Now, it’s not that I didn’t want to spend time with a friend. Shoot, if left to my own desires, I would spend most of my time chatting the day away, sipping lattes, and swapping stories. Who wouldn’t?

Nevertheless, I began to whine. “But this ministry project is a work assignment–a big one—and I have a deadline. . .”

I opened my computer to double check my schedule, and an email reminder of an upcoming meeting swallowed another day. Frustrated, I canvassed my calendar for time to meet my friend and work on my project. That’s when the Lord reminded me of Psalm 37:26.

The [righteous] are always generous….”

God wanted me to be generous with my time as well as my resources because people are always more important than projects. Even ministry projects.



Time is a commodity with which few are willing to barter. I mean, think about it: Isn’t it easier to drop a note in the mail than to stop and actually spend time with someone? It sure is for me. In fact, I have to admit that I struggle to surrender any of my time wholly to God–or anyone else.

Time is a tyrant–often an enemy–that rules our day, our world. Time challenges us, shapes us

. . . it reveals us.

God cares about people. And sometimes, even in the throes of “ministry,” I forget that.


What about you? What helps you surrender your time to God?



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  1. Oh time – it gets away from me and so many things steal the most important time of the day – that with the Savior. I pray that in this difficult time that God will multiply your time and give you just what you need to accomplish His will for you each day.

  2. Honestly, I don’t always surrender my time to Him. I try. In the morning I try to ask Him what He’d like to have accomplished through me in that day but sometimes, sometimes my own thoughts and plans get in the way. I try not to be too rigid with my time, which is not easy. I tend to be a planner, write it down so I can check it off the list, type of person. But, the unexpected if necessary and sometimes brings the greatest blessing.

    1. I think you hit on a key to wise time management: flexibility. 🙂

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