Give Thanks And Get Ready

This is a re-post that I hope will encourage us to live fully in the present with thankful hearts. 🙂



When Jesus returns, we all want to be found faithful in our walk with God, faithful in doing His work. No matter the season of year or situation of life.

One way to accomplish this is to implement Elisabeth Elliot‘s advice, “Wherever you are, be all there.” That means living wholly invested in each day–each moment. Planning for the future, but living fully in the present.

Therefore, today I’m practicing faithfulness by being thankful for the life God has given me on this day. Right now. In the midst of a financial crisis, in the throes of losing our home.

So today I’m thankful I can look out and see the beauty of my weeping cherry tree turning golden in the autumn chill.

Today, I enjoyed my morning run among Ponderosa pines, black oaks, and fiery maples.

Today there is so much more to enjoy that there is to decry:

-The beauty of fall.

-The companionship of family and friends.

-The laughter of my children.

-The soft snoring of my pet cuddled on my lap.

Today is the “day the Lord has made,” and can’t we “rejoice and be glad” in some portion of it? (Psalm 118:24)

God is good and His love endures through all times. So why squander our strength worrying about tomorrow when God has given us the gift of today?

To walk with Him.

To live.

Therefore, let’s choose to savor life today. Fully. Regardless of what tomorrow may hold, for Jesus could return even now, and what then? How will He find us? Fearful of tomorrow or faithful for today?


What about you? What are you thankful for today? What helps you prepare your heart for Jesus’ return?


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    1. Thank you, Jan. It’s the “little” thanks that count!

  1. Love how you and I are often on the same page.
    Twitter was right when it suggested I follow you because our accounts were similar. Glad I took the suggestion and thankful for the virtual friendship!

  2. This is so true but also so moving and touching especially thinking about what your family is going through. You are an inspiration as you “simply” put your faith where it needs to be and in Whom it needs to be. I’m praying for you and your family.

  3. I’m thankful for your blog post today. As I face an emotional “crossroad” of decisions, I’m going to hang on to these thoughts and look for the good, and trust in God’s goodness.

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