Risky Faith


Has God called you to do something risky?

Something you don’t think you can do? Something you’re afraid to do?


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God calls us to take risks.

All the time. There’s no escaping it.

I’m talking about risks like:

Always scary.

  • The risk of being judged; to share things about ourselves that are outside our comfort zone–things that may cause others to judge us.

Really uncomfortable.

  • The risk of rejection; to be who we are–fully–in a public arena.


Now, I’d love to say that I take it all in stride. I’d like to boast about riding the faith wave all the way onto the beach of victory, but alas, I cannot! Because the truth is, my first response isn”t “Yes!” or even a meek, “Yes, Lord . . .” I’m afraid it runs more to, “No, no, no . . . !”

I don’t know about you, but I hit the panic button. I search for an escape hatch. And when I can’t find one, I plug my ears, close my eyes, and hope for something different.

And try to ignore the “elephant” standing before me.


Conceptual - Heavy duty transport / travel by road

In fact, just this week I’ve been praying, “Lord, anything else . . .” But I forget that God’s call isn’t about me, it’s about revealing Him, about serving others.

His call is about faith, transparency, and trust.

It’s about taking risks–big ones.

So, if God has called you to do something today, then just do it. And do it as only you can–with your style,  your imprint. After all, He called you to fulfill the task for a reason. No one else.

Just you.

So stop balking. Quit trying to avoid it, quit swatting at it. Trust me, it doesn’t work.


You see, I know, for I have my own proverbial elephant standing here on my patio. And he’s staring me down even now . . .



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  1. I so wish I didn’t relate to this, but unfortunately I do!
    Thanks for this reminder that elephants are big, but God is bigger!

  2. Wonderful and deeply inspiring post, Bethany! The “risk of faith” really struck me. When we pray “Your will be done” we are submitting to what God wants–not always what we may want or choose. And, there is the “risk”–in trusting Him fully. But, God knows us best and His purpose for each person. In Christ, luke

    1. “Submitting to what God wants” always requires faith and often risk for me. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. A lesson that is so hard for us to learn and put into practice – go to God first!! He allows our lives to be full of opportunities to expand our faith and our character. Sometimes they are downright frightening! Go with God! Love Harriet

    1. Your cheer, “Go with God!” Almost makes me willing to take a few risks. 😉 Loved your thoughts. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE this post Bethany.
    Sometimes what He’s called us to do reaches critical mass, and we just have to do it. We’re not called to easiness, we’re called to stretching and expanding and going into places that if He’s not here we can’t make it.
    Usually my expressions of fear and anxiety are met with “Do you trust Me?” to which I say, “Not so much, but I’ll try…..”. Not because I have much faith, but because He’s put me in a spot where there’s no other way but to trust Him, and that in itself is a risky endeavor.
    Bethany, I know without a shadow of a doubt that He is going to help you tame the elephant and the result will take you to places you’ve never even imagined or dared to dream.
    Thanks for letting me ramble a bit!
    From a fellow risk taker who’s praying for you!
    Blessings, Sarah

    1. Sarah, your comments blessed me! And you didn’t ramble. I get it. How I get it! Thanks so much for your prayers and your thoughts. God spoke through you. Many blessings back to you!

  5. Awesome!…as usual. I LOVE the picture of the elephant! I love the part about serving others…that’s where He’s been hitting me for the past couple of days. And I love the
    “So, if God has called you to do something today, then just do it. And do it as only you can–with your style, your imprint. After all, He called you to fulfill the task for a reason. No one else.” part. Great thoughts. Thanks.

    1. I’d “love the part about serving others,” too, if risk wasn’t part of the equation! Oh, and I like elephants.

      Except for the one standing on my patio.

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