Find Your Way Back to God’s Path

Have you ever gotten lost in your faith journey and struggled to find your way back to God’s path? When I gave my life to God in my twenties, I never imagined I’d get lost. Now when I say “gave my life to God,” I mean gave it. As far as I was concerned, He called the shots and laid out the agenda. …

Finding Hope For The New Year

What are you hoping for this next year? A new job? Stronger relationships? The security of a home? What about the support of family and friends? We are all hoping for something, especially something we can count on… but at some point earthly hope will disappoint us. Jobs fall through. Homes are lost. People fail us…What then?

Four Steps to Better Follow Through

Everyone wants to be trustworthy. Which is one reason failing to follow through is a miserable feeling. You know how it goes. You see someone to whom you’ve made a commitment which you’ve not yet kept, so you scurry past, head ducked, as you squirm down the gauntlet of accountability. “Oh yeah, shoot!…Maybe tomorrow…” But then tomorrow you forget. We all do from …