Tuning Out the Enemy

Tune in to God's frequency

Psalm 31:14,18

“But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, ‘You are my God.’

My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies… let their lying lips be silenced…”


Satan and his cohorts are ever striving to convince us that our work is in vain, that we are useless to God and others. He whispers, “it’s too late,” “it’s too hard” — “it’s just too much!” And often we believe the paralyzing lie. At least I know I do.

But not today.

Today I will listen to the Spirit declare that God alone rules His universe–including the infinitesimal portion inhabited by me.

“My times are in your hands…”

Today I will trust and adjust my internal frequency to His life giving, empowering Word.

“You are my God.”

Today I will rest against my Father’s breast and rejoice in the faithful promise and loving purpose of His sovereign plan.

Yes, today is indeed a good day to change the station, tune out the enemy’s toxic voice and refresh my heart with Truth…

What about you? As you consider the upcoming year what lies seek to drag you away from following God’s call?  Identify them. Tune them out. And adjust your dial to receive God’s energizing truth instead. Then step through the door of faith into a new season of hope and possibility!



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  1. This is an on-time word! I have been dealing with the voice of the enemy for about a month now. Somedays I do very well with tuning him out. Somedays, not so much. Today, I needed to hear all of this. He comes in the form of fear and it is quite crippling. It makes me wanna crawl into a corner or under my bedsheets and just stay there, but I don’t. I get up every morning despite the battle and continue to push on and every day the Lord renews my strength. The enemy even has tried to visit my dream realm but I have come to a place where I plead the blood of Jesus over myself and my family every night and we rest peacefully. But this word blessed me! Thank you!

    1. Post

      Thanks so much for being transparent with your struggle. The battle is real and the enemy has a lot to say to hold us in bondage to fear. He prowls around like a roaring lion, according to I Peter 5:8, and is not easily put off. I have written several times on dealing with fear and the enemy’s tactics and will include links to those posts. Praying for you, Justen, that the Lord strengthens your faith as you anchor in the love of God’s great heart and refuse to let the enemy’s lies weaken your heart and mind. Finding Freedom From Fear and Doubting God in The Face of God’s Silence

  2. Bethany – Just what I needed to read tonight! God speaks through your pen after speaking to your heart. I thank Him for gifting you to His church and to your friends – me included.

  3. Bethany, thank you for penning the truth. I can relate to the incessant lies of the enemy in recent days. Why do I allow him to occupy any space in my head? C.S. Lewis wrote, “Like a good chess player, Satan is always trying to man oeuvre you into a position where you can save your castle only by losing your bishop.”
    TIme for me to change the station.

  4. What a wonderful blog today and devotion. I needed it and I will think about it this whole day. God is so in control and yet at times we struggle in the daily grind understanding that even good things can be under attack where we least expect it. Thanks Bethany for a thoughtful “thought”….

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I need to camp out on it, permanently perhaps.

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