Waiting on God's Promises, Part II

What promise of God are you waiting on Him to fulfill? Even as you run to the mailbox, wait by the phone, kneel by the bedside, day after day, month after month.


Hope flares . . . then fizzles. And still you wait.

Now we know we aren’t supposed to “help” God, that we are to pray and trust, but do you ever wonder if there is anything else we can do? If there’s any active part God wants us to play to bridge the gap between His promise and the fulfillment of it?

Waiting on God, Part II

Last week we discovered how God called Abraham to step out and place himself in position to receive God’s promise. This week we’re going to take another step closer to God’s promise to us by following in the footsteps of Caleb.

Caleb was one of twelve men sent to spy out the land God had promised to give His people as an inheritance. As Israel gathered on the border of the promised land, only Caleb and Joshua believed God’s promise and trusted His power to secure it for His people. And only Joshua and Caleb experienced the fulfillment of it for themselves, because the fruit of God’s promises comes to those who trust Him. 

” . . . Caleb . . . will see it, and I will give him and his descendants the land he set his feet on, because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly.” (Deuteronomy 1:36)

And then:

“The land on which your feet have walked will be your inheritance and that of your children forever, because you have followed the LORD wholeheartedly.” (Joshua 14:9)

So what did Caleb do back then, that we can do right now?

1) Follow God wholeheartedly. Every time Scripture talks about Caleb receiving God’s promise, it’s qualified with the phrase, ” . . . because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly.” Caleb followed God without reservation. Without wavering or complaining. Fully focused, expecting to receive God’s promise. This gave him the courage he needed to do what came next:

2) Fight for it.  Although God alone possessed the power and authority to secure the victory, Caleb still had to “set his feet on” the land promised and fight for it. Likewise, God expects us to step out and “fight” for what He’s promised us. When we step toward God’s promise in faith and work hard to apply ourselves to God’s process of possessing it, He will bring it to fruition. 

Warrior Statue Silhouette and Orange Sky

And though God doesn’t need our help to fulfill His promises, He does require our active cooperation. 

Just as He did of Caleb.

So today, let’s fight for God’s promise to us expecting to own it, for Yahwehour covenant-keeping God–has promised to grant it to us. 

What step can you take to move closer to what God has promised you?

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  1. Good thoughts, Bethany. I was praying this very thing for someone I love just this morning. So, it was nice to see it reaffirmed here. That “wholeheartedly” thing is huge, I think. I think it’s like love in a marriage…you know, you think you love someone only to discover years later that you love them more than you did “then”. I think “wholeheartedly” is the same. I think as I grow, that “wholeheartedly” grows as well. Hope that makes sense…it does in my mind but that doesn’t mean it might in anyone else’s ; )!

    1. I love your insight. I agree; I think our “wholeheartedly” does grow as we grow in our walk with the Lord. Good fodder!

  2. I don’t have the warrior mentality. It doesn’t come natural. So for me, I have to think in terms of baby steps. As I step out in faith and obedience….putting my toe in the water….God enables me to trust Him and move forward to seize the promise.

    1. Thankfully we don’t all have to be warriors, just followers of the Warrior who secures the victory for us. And I like your baby step “approach.” 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your always wonderful, Spirit inspired message. The word “wholeheartedly” really connected with me. I was reading Colossians and Paul’s repeated use of the words “fully” and “all” resonate with “wholeheartedly.” I kept re-reading the first chapter of Colossians and the question, “How can I be filled–made whole, full?” took me deeper seeking an answer. To be filled I first must be empty, accepting the fulfilling work of God’s Spirit. And, to be empty I must be humble, pouring out my old “self” and allowing God to fill my heart with a new light and nature–His. For a guy named “Luke” and the stern warning from our LORD not to be “lukewarm”, “wholeheartedly” will always strike a chord! Blessings, luke

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts and insightful comments. I particularly liked, “To be filled I first must be empty.” Perfect! ‘Cause that’s just where I am . . . ready to receive from God.

      1. Every day I try to hold consistently in my thoughts the reality that “God is Present, Now” and the non-Biblical proverb, “Be humble or be humbled” The humility reminder is not directly Biblical scripture but keeps me focused on having the attitude and nature of Jesus Christ. And, remembering God is Present is a reminder that nothing is hidden–He sees and knows all I do and think. Again, thanks for the wonderful devotions, look forward to next week!

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