Wonder Woman: Why You Shouldn't Even Try To "Do It All"


I’m not Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman boots

I know, you’re shocked, but here’s the thing, and I’ll whisper it so no one else will hear: You’re probably not Wonder Woman either. Or Superman. Or one of the Incredibles. But if you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you already know that.

Perhaps donning a Super suit has zapped your strength and focus, too? It’s no mystery why we’re tired, distracted, and confused; we reach for more than we can lift. We take on too much. We tell ourselves, “I can do this and that, and that . . . and that . . . ” We twist and strain to make it work, so we can do it all.

Well, I’ve decided to hang up my Super suit, boots, cape, and all. Here’s how it began: I was offered a job with an organization I love. The proposed job centered around tasks I enjoy and would utilize skills God has spent years honing and developing in me. To top it off, the job’s focus was one I’m passionately tuned into–spiritual development–a perfect fit. Oh, how I wanted to clip on my Wonder Woman cape and take off with it!

But I knew better, so instead I prayed. And prayed. I talked with friends about it and consulted my husband. I analyzed the job, and charted the daily, monthly, and yearly responsibilities and time it would take to fulfill each one.

I worked hard to fit it in. I noted how well it complimented my existing ministry–and carefully ignored how it could serve me.

For months I prayed and couldn’t gain clarity on whether to take it or not. I had no peace to accept it, but was afraid to close the door and miss the opportunity. I strained to hear God’s direction with one ear, while entertaining my desires with the other. Finally, God graciously spoke. “This will draw you away from what I’ve called you to do. Focus and finish what I’ve entrusted to you!”

So I let it go.

And a truth that had been submerged in the soupy mix of sincerity and secret hopes bubbled up and broke free:

God is sovereign and I am not.

King's Crown with diamonds

The sweet, familiar truth swept through my mind like a cleansing breeze. It anchored my heart and altered my perspective. It changed everything. Perhaps it will for you, too.

Because God is sovereign:

  • We don’t have to carve out a future for ourselves. Ephesians 2:10

  • We don’t have to act out of fear, insecurity, or ambition. 

  • We don’t have to try so hard, do so much, or suffer such disappointment. No, we don’t have to do any of those awful, heavy, deadening things.

          We don’t have to be Wonder Woman, Superman, or one of the the Incredibles.

Because God is sovereign:

  • We can rest knowing He’s in control, ruling in every circumstance, every opportunity, every set back. Job 42:2

  • We can trust that the plan God has mapped out for us is good, profitable, best. That His plan–and no other–will glorify Him, and satisfy us. Ephesians 3:20

  • We can live the life He planned for us. Not the life others think we ought to live, nor the life dictated by ambition. No, we can live the life tailored for us by the Creator who knows our heart and mind. Psalm 139:16

            We can be who God created us to be and find satisfaction in the things He created us to do.

So this year’s going to be different. I’m not going to let the misdirects of desire derail me. I won’t allow this next year to be shackled by fear and insecurity. I refuse to expend another drop of energy donning a cape to reach for things beyond what God has planned for me.

No. I want God’s agenda, not mine. For His plans eclipse what my puny brain can imagine and hold more promise than my polluted heart can even hope for. Because God reigns as King, I will rest in the shade of His sovereign care.

I’m not Wonder Woman. And I no longer want to be.


What about you?






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  1. I see two amazing facts here…amazing for different reasons. 1) most of us feel like we need to be “Wonder Woman” but in reality we can’t because 2)God is sovereign and being that wonderful is His job. Incredible what peace we get when we bow before that Truth!
    Thanks for the reminder so poignantly written.

    1. I love what you said, “wonderful is His job.” Amen! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bethany, this blog is beautifully written, insightful, honest, and the message resonates with this task-oriented woman. I’d love to retire my “cape” but the enemy loves to wave it in front of my face as though I were a bull. The next thing I know, I’m off and charging again.

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