You are Loved

You Are Loved

“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”  Augustine

God loves you.”

I know, we hear that so much it skitters across our brain and bounces off. But perhaps today you and I need to listen, to really hear it with our heart.

God loves you.

Did you get that? God loves you. Not some amorphous mass of humanity —

— YOU.

You are special to God. He has singled you out for His love.

“For he chose us . . . before the creation of the world . . . In love, he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will . . . ” Ephesians 1:4-5

Did you need to hear that today?

We recently adopted a pug, named Pip. Despite my attempts to integrate him, our two tenured pugs treat him like an afterthought, an “Oh yeah, you . . . “ before they turn away to snuggle for their morning nap. Pip is the proverbial “third wheel.”

Pip is unsure of himself and unsure of his place in our home, but of one thing he is certain; he wants to be loved. To demonstrate it, when I call the pugs, he sprints ahead to reach me first, Pick me! Pick me! When I sit down, he throws himself onto my lap, Pick me! Pick me! When I return home, he shoulders his way through the pug frenzy and jumps on my leg, Pick me! Pick me! He does everything to capture my attention but thrust his paw in the air and wave.

I’ve nicknamed him, “Pick me! Pip.”

Pip is a sweet little guy. He will lie with his back pressed against my chest for as long as I’ll hold him there. He lays back, his soft head tilted up, straining and staring into my eyes. Loving. Needing. Pleading.

You are Loved

He is desperate to be loved.

So I cuddle Pip a lot. I bought a new collar for him and slip extra treats in his dinner. I got him his own blanket with which to snuggle because he needs to know he’s special to someone. He needs to be loved.

Just like you and me.

We too, need to know we’re loved, that we matter. And like Pip, we are indeed special to someone. We are God’s beloved. Listen to what Colossians 3:12 says,

 ” . . . [you are] God’s chosen one, holy and beloved . . . “

Friend, you are God’s child. You are chosen, beloved — His heart-crafted-creation with every hair on your head numbered! You matter to Him. (II Corinthians 6:18, Psalm 139:13-16, Matthew 10:30)

Even if you’re not the focus of another’s love, you are the focus of His. (Isaiah 49:16) Ah, what balm I find for my own wounded soul in this! What refreshment for my spirit!

Will you press your heart against that truth and let it wrap you in its arms? Will you lean back, look in God’s eyes, and receive His love? Will you raise His love as a shield when hurt and loneliness whisper, “you aren’t worth anyone’s effort”? Because the truth is, you are the particular target of Divine love — a love that’s pure, passionate, and deeply personal. A love that “streams live” from God’s heart to yours, flowing in and around and over your life; a love that anchors your heart.

A love that “picks” you.

So today, if others walk past you sitting alone and choose a crowded lunch table instead; if you’re excluded from the cozy group sharing their lives and stories; if you’re alone and feeling forgotten, remember this: There’s Someone who loves and chooses youOne who hears the “Pick me!” of your heart.

Pip getting lots of love

Photo Mine

God is love — that’s just who He is. And loving you brings Him delight. Isn’t that the love you crave? It’s a love you can possess and it’s available today. Right now in Scripture, Love awaits you. All you have to do is ask God to reveal His love as you read, then trust Him to relate intimately with you, Spirit-to-spirit.

So go ahead, grab your Bible and open it to the gospel of John. Then dive into God’s love, because today He wants you to know that you matter. You matter to Him.

Because God is love you are loved.

In what what ways has God shown you His love?


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  1. Incredibly touching, undeniably truthful, every word, a gift. Thanks Bethany. This speaks so clearly to all of us poor creatures who so desire to be loved. Thanks for the reminder that the kind of love we seek and truly need is found in One Person. The One who loves us most.
    I love you…just not more than Him!!! : )

    1. Thanks for such sweet thoughts. Pip’s neediness resonates with me. I especially appreciated “every word a gift” since every word was a birth on this end! And I’m glad you love Him more than me. 😉 RIght back atcha!

  2. What a wonderful blog…I enjoyed every word and it speaks to me of so many people who clamor for love and need it so desperately. I feel inadequate many times to let others know how special they are to me. I’m so glad God lets us know every single minute “He loves us unconditionally” He never has trouble showing us. He never has trouble touching us in special ways. He never forgets us, never stops loving us and “gets” us when NO one else does….Thank you Bethany for being my friend and I love you!

    1. Thanks, Jackie, I sure love you, too! I too, struggle to love those around me like I should or to love as intimately or comprehensively as God does. SInce I can’t manage that, I’m so glad He can!

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